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The last of the SVA MFA Interaction Design Dot Dot Dot talks for the summer | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

The last of the SVA MFA Interaction Design Dot Dot Dot talks for the summer

Dot Dot Dot SVA MFA Interaction Design talks: the Service Designers

Last night I made my way to White Rabbit one last time to hear the Dot Dot Dot SVA MFA in Interaction Design talk: The Service Designers. In the preamble we learned that the series will pick up in the fall every Wednesday evening at SVA. As a way to build community around a new program and share knowledge I really enjoyed the entire series—I think I missed one talk, maybe two over the course of its start last winter. Comparing all the talks, I think the Service Designers group was probably the most informative of all the Dot Dot Dot’s in my opinion. They all had a lot of points to consider as a designer and I would recommend any of them as speakers for events to anyone that is looking for people on the brainier side of things.

Chenda Fruchter, Assistant Commissioner, Director of Content & Agency Relations, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication, New York City
It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that with a title the length that Chenda has it would take some time to explain what she does. She talked a bit about NYC 311 as a whole and briefly about the newly launched www.nyc.gov/apps/311. Unfortunately the ten minutes went by really quickly so there wasn’t a lot of time to go in depth. Hopefully as the new 311 site get’s used, more information about it’s design and evolution will be published.

Jun Lee, Partner, ReD Associates, New York
On one level the talk was fascinating to hear about the role of play in children’s lives, and in theory even more so when combined with doing work with Lego as a case study. However I suspect there was an NDA signed with Lego. None of the implementation nor suggestions of what Lego should do came out except some generic points that could have been associated with a lot of toy brands that are in competition with video games.

Jennifer Bove, Principal, Kicker Studio
This presentation played well to the time limit of ten minutes. I hope that Jennifer’s slides become available online because this morning I can’t remember all of the five points she mentioned—but for what it’s worth I thought they all seemed pretty sound. The only thing that struck me as a bit strange was the questions afterwards. I couldn’t tell if it was staged or not. Something about the question of designing for failure seemed a bit expected, though on the role of iteration I didn’t think she gave a strong answer…

Sylvia Harris, Information Design Strategist
I always have a fear of hearing a speaker that I’ve already heard before. Are they going to talk about the same thing as the last time or something completely new? Thankfully her talk about her fixing the experience of the Hospital that she’s been to with her child was new to me and worth the listen. The questions afterwards were really good about how the project actually came to be as it wasn’t explained by Sylvia in the beginning.

Three of the four talks were streamed live at the time of the event at www.theuxworkshop.tv/the-service-designers. It looks like that url will also host the archived presentations which I would highly recommend watching once they go live.

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  • http://designforservice.wordpress.com/ Jeff

    Hi Michael, Jennifer Bove's five point framework included immediacy, co-creation, voice, expertise and customization.