Confusing MTA Subway Turnstiles

Confusing MTA Subway Turnstiles

For first time users of the subway, the experience can be quite stressful. There’s a lot of unknowns and questions that can easily pile up in one’s head. Am I going the right way, will I get off at the right stop, am I even going in the right direction? And then there’s the turnstile. As easy as it is to buy a ticket that entire experience can be unpleasant. The ticket machine isn’t hard to use but I’ve watched plenty of people fight with those machines.

The MTA has now added another level of complexity and confusion by allowing advertising on the actual turnstile. In theory it’s not a awful idea to try to raise money selling the space. However H&M kind of pushed the boundaries in a bad way. A quick glance made me think of warning because of the red and the $5 number as price. For a moment it even confused me. I was like what “I now have to pay five bucks to use the subway?!?” It wasn’t until I took a closer look that I realized it was an ad. But how many people that don’t speak english or know what H&M is will be completely confused. Is the subway $2 or $5? It’s a really poor implementation and while I’m not surprised there aren’t any guidelines for this type of advertising perhaps there should be. A good place to start would be that the advertising shouldn’t suggest that it’s actually more money to ride the subway (no pricing) nor feel like a harzard (red color).

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  • Johanna

    Also: unless these are in the Herald Square station – while exiting – or something, it makes no sense. A proposition like this won't stay in people's minds if they are far away from an H&M and have to remember about it later. I think it's pretty presumptuous to think that commuters will be thinking about a store deal that they saw over a split second (when they were trying to get somewhere else), later in the day.

  • michaelsurtees

    You know your subways! I took it in herald square getting ready to to take the NQRW…

  • @negropolitan

    Advertisements for hand sanitizers would be more appropriate for turnstiles.