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Now that I’ve had a couple of days with my new iPhone GS I thought it would be interesting to compare my old behaviour with my slower 2nd generation 16 GB iPhone I used to have. I noticed a great improvement with my everyday stuff. The keyboard is a lot faster and smarter. I rarely make mistakes hitting the wrong key which in turn has made typing easier. I’ve heard people complaining about the horizontal mode, for me I rarely use it because the visible screen is too small. While the copy + paste feature isn’t unique to just the 3GS, it is something that I’m using on occasion for email. Search was another welcome feature for the OS upgrade.

The camera is back to being fast. For the longest time it would take forever to open—it was brutal. I know can open my iPhone, press the camera button and take a shot is less than a couple seconds. Really helpful for me when I see something that catches my eye walking around NYC. The video is another great piece of hardware. The video quality is pretty good considering where it’s coming from. Experimenting with some video sites to upload, YouTube is in a great position as it only takes one click to upload from the iPhone. Flickr is the big loser in that when I tried to email the video it didn’t work, Vimeo was a pain as I had to upload from my computer and it wasn’t instant. While I won’t be using video all the time it’s nice to have it. I’m really curious to see what people start using it for.

Surfing the web is really fast. It’s always been decent through wifi but it’s even better now. I’m disappointed in the 3G network. I was expecting faster load times outside. I’ve noticed that the network doesn’t pick up very well while walking. When I’m standing it’s a different story—things load pretty smoothly. It’s kind of weird. Because the web is a lot faster I’m using some different apps that I haven’t really used before. I’m using Evernote to collect things and checking a couple headlines with Net Newswire. I’m also back to checking up on flickr. If I need to search for an image I’ll use Cooliris.

I had high hopes for Tweetdeck on the iPhone but it’s crashing all the time. While it’s cool to see multiple columns that are synced with my desktop, it visualizes direct messages poorly. I like how Twitterfon threads those conversations. I’ve fond myself going back to Twitterfon after my short lived excitement for the Tweetdeck.

Would I ever go back to my old iPhone—probably not.The speed enhancements that make recording ideas and capturing visuals is an amazing tool. Could the network be better—yes. But for the day to day activities that makes life this designer’s life interesting I don’t think I would let it be more than an arms length away from me.

Just noticed I didn’t mention music or podcasts, that’s kind of interesting…

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  • http://loquat73.blogspot.com/ Paulo Pereira

    I'm posing a question to iPhone users, What are you doing with your old iPhone? Forgetting about it – putting it in your sock drawer, throwing it out, selling it or haven't thought about it yet?


  • http://ilovesweat.com/ ~m

    i think the video feature would be perfect for 12seconds.tv ~ moving snapshots 12 seconds long!