My morning tweets—a different kind of file experiment

ok I'm officially tired just thinking about the energy @debbiemillman has, SVA in 2010 will have Masters of Professional Studies in Branding

NEW DEGREE FROM SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS BRIDGES BUSINESS, SCIENCE AND DESIGN MPS IN BRANDING OFFERED AT SVA IN FALL 2010 A new one-year advanced degree program focused on the intellectual link between leadership and creativity will be offered at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York City, beginning in the fall of 2010. The Masters of Professional Studies in Branding will examine the power of design thinking as a way to combine creative skills with problem-solving and decision-making processes. The department will be chaired by Debbie Millman, partner and president at Sterling Brands, who conceived the program withSteven Heller, a design historian, New York Times columnist, and co-chair of the MFA Design Department at SVA. From Apple to Starbucks, from Rachael Ray to Tiger Woods, corporations and individuals alike are immersed in brands,

finally out... RT @PSFK: Chris Anderson's book for free in audio MP3 file off the site: #free [Piers]


RT @nookaNOW: - nooka pop-up shop at den—consider yourselves invited, if not to the party, the shop is up 6 weeks


This morning I shot out a couple quick tweets within minutes of each other. They all were somewhat link intensive. For my own curiosity’s sake I wanted to put those tweets together and see what the related outgoing links in their native format looked like via screen shot. While all the tweets were related in that they were viewable online, one piece of info came via email, one was an mp3 file while the last was a jpg. All digital bits but different in their output. It’s easy to take digital for granted and lump everything together. However when a person takes a closer look at the file extension they’re not the same at all.

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