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Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Showing websites in print is nothing new. As much as I read, I don’t have a lot of books that show blogs on the printed page. So when I got a copy of Blogs, Mad about Design in the mail I was curious to thumb through it. Full disclosure, DesignNotes is in the book along with a lot of the other design blogs you probably check up on from time to time. The first thing that jumped out at me was that the book captured a lot of blogs at one specific moment. A lot of the blogs have changed their design a little bit—some more then others by the time it was printed. The second thing was seeing a number of different ways that the format of the paper shaped how the blog was shown. Some pages tried to show the full length of a post, other times it was a close crop of the home page, other times it was a collection of images. Aside from comparing how the screens were shown, I thought the much taken for granted background of each blog became apparent on the page. When a person is online looking at a blog in it’s native format, the background goes to the background. On paper it jumped out (at least to me).

There’s a couple things about the book that I wished they had done. There’s a huge number of sites listed yet there’s know site online that I could find that has all the blogs urls. They’re in the book but it seems strange not to have them online. I also wonder about the typography for the descriptions. The production quality of the printing is nice and I’m happy to thumb through it, but the weird spacing of the blog descriptions is unfortunate. For the amount of time that was taken to produce the book I really wish they had spent more time exploring type options.

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  • David Airey

    Another unfortunate aspect of the publication is that I couldn't find a “purchase” link anywhere (at least I couldn't a few weeks back when I published a blog post about it).

    The publisher's website was too buggy to even find the book's title.

  • Nancy Wu

    Thanks for profiling this Michael. How did you get the book, btw? As David already mentioned, it seems to be a difficult book to order online.

  • Joe Clark

    This book seems to have no discernible reason to exist.

  • jamieallsop

    Wow what a really good book, it will be interesting to see what peoples blogs, logos, etc, looked like at the time this book went to print and how they may have changed since.