Cable Hell



Over the weekend I thought it would be a nice change of pace to read online near my window. By the time I got everything set up the way I wanted I looked down to see the ridiculous number of cables connected to each other. The main culprit for all of this—bad battery life from Apple. I can’t use my MacBook Pro without having it plugged into the wall. The batter dies in less than 15 minutes at this point and I don’t feel like dropping another hundred dollars to buy a new one. My iPhone’s battery was at the half way mark. I was planning to walk Madison for a couple hours after my reading so I wanted the thing juiced as much as possible. My headphone could have been connected to either device. It just happened that I was testing sirius xm which forced me to use my iPhone.

Ironically the only thing I didn’t need a cable for was what was feeding my laptop—the internet. The whole experience of wanting to read and enjor music online should not be that cable heavy. Sure I could read on my iPhone, and I have done that in the past but I wanted something bigger. And for all the hoopla going on with the Kindle I’m pretty close to considering a netbook in the not so distant future. The Kindle is way too restrictive. What irks me is that Apple hasn’t considered this kind of user at all. A person that wants to just read on the interwebs with good battery life. And if they do bring something in the price isn’t going to be even close to anything else in the same field—and as great as the industrial design from Apple is, $1000 is not going to be able to compete with $300.

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  • Austin Kleon

    Battery life on Apple laptops sucks so bad. I have a 5-year-old Powerbook that still runs like a tank — except the battery has been worthless for 3 years.

  • Dan Wintermantel

    Try turning off Location Services in your iPhone's Settings under General. Saves an amazing amount of battery life and maps or apps that require Location will prompt you back to settings for a quick turn on.

  • michaelsurtees

    thanks for the tip

  • anjali28

    Hopefully when wireless electricity comes into existence, you won't have to bother with any of this. Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, just spoke at TED yesterday about it.

    Till then, multiple cables it is!!

  • michaelsurtees

    thanks for the fyi

  • beedeedle

    Perhaps you should just get a new battery. I've had my macbook pro for 2 years now, I still get at least 4 hours of battery time, and I use the thing heavily. lightroom, imovie, adium, tweetdeck, svn, terminals, browser windows, itunes. the mb runs constantly at average 55 degrees c. therefore i conclude, your battery needs replacing, and it's not apple's fault, a typical laptop battery lasts 2 years. if yours is newer then, there is warranty for that.

  • michaelsurtees

    that's a fair comment, good thing I didn't bother buying a MacBook Air. You can't replace those batteries right?