Year 3 in NYC Today

Year 3 in NYC today

Today is one of those small reminder days that I look forward to. Three years ago I woke for the first time in NYC for work. One of my many goals in Canada for NYC was to be able to walk to work. My first job actually influenced where I wanted to live. It also helped because I had no idea about any of the boroughs of NY. So far I’ve managed to keep up the walking mantra for now. I think for most people if they were to look back for the past three years they’d notice it’s been pretty crazy for them too. Between career and life evolutions this period has been rapid.

For me there was the pre NYC days, and the NYC days. This time period also was when I left my late twenties and moved onto my early thirties which was an interesting age graduation in itself. So as I keep learning I’m balancing geography and age. Pre NYC was a lot about perseverance and patience at striving for my goals while learning along the way. Now it’s more about adapting and exploring the unknowns to strive for my goals.

The biggest difference between now and then is that I understand the grid of Manhattan. It’s a lot harder to get lost. What has maybe stayed consistent in a surprising way is the friends and company I’ve kept. The cliche that everyone is out for themselves and will stab you in the back is not as true as you might think. Sure there’s a lot of chatter but I’ve kept a fairly consistent group of trusted people that slowly grows over time. That’s probably the thing that would have surprised me the most of the “had I known then what I know now”.

While currently the economy is kind of crazy, NYC still feels like the right place to be for me. Just like the print era that’s winding down, online is in a growth period that while today looks small will probably rival the industrial revolution when the dust has settled and people look back. Who wouldn’t want to ride that train around NYC for the time being?

Of course I’m going to knock on wood because the city will kick your arse without a moments notice…

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  • Name

    Brilliant, and congrats on your NY stint thus far.

  • David Airey

    I've often wondered what it'd be like to live there, Michael.

    Maybe one day.

  • michaelsurtees

    The best advice I can give is that you should write that down somewhere and make a plan of attack. And of course if you come to visit NYC I'd be happy to show you around…

  • David Airey

    Thanks, Michael. That's appreciated.

  • lapo11

    Congrats Michael!

  • hendsch

    I love your thoughts about the city! It's always a little like beeing there. *sigh*

    Good luck for your future!

  • Anonymous

    i like