Recording myself via my iPhone via my MacBook Pro

Recording myself via my iphone via my macbook pro

Recording myself via my iphone via my macbook pro

Michael Surtees from MFA Interaction Design on Vimeo.

So you’re thinking about becoming a designer? If I could tell you only *one thing* about going into the field, my advice would be ___________ .

At the time the request seemed simple enough. Record a video of yourself—I had an iPhone that records video and I had a MacBook Pro with a camera. No problem until I realized I didn’t have any programs on my MacBook Pro that recorded video, and trying to record myself via my iPhone without a tripod or any tool that would help me see myself as I recorded started to become an issue. That was until I realized I could open photobooth in my MBP, look into the live camera and record the motion with my iPhone. It’s as low–fi of a recording as one can get, but it worked for what I needed. Once the clip was recorded I emailed the file and was finished. Simple, and if I had felt the need to send it to YouTube it would have been fast with the push of one button.

While I probably made things more complicated then they really needed to be, that filming technique illustrated how I think mobile will be used. Because of bandwidth issues of scale, screen space, file size, wifi connection etc—all those elements need to be paired down to the users essence. The heavy lifting of the laptop allows for preferences to be set, functions to be created and plays nicely with the mobile device for the tasks that have been set up. While this time it was for recording video, gathering news via NetNewsWire or reading about my friends latest tweets all start with a laptop set up. That experience is then interwoven in a back and forth loop.

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  • Guest

    PhotoBooth records video.

  • michaelsurtees

    while I thought that might be the case, I'm running an older version of osx and that feature didn't see available

  • Gustav H

    If you have Quicktime Pro, that records video as well.

  • Rusty Meadows

    iMovie as does a great job with recording via the built in cam.