Browser Boxes Everywhere

Browser Boxes Everywhere

Don’t ask me why I have a Facebook browser extension on my regular Firefox browser—I just do. I’ve had it turned on for quite some time. Something has been nagging me for a bit though. On the right of the browser I can type in quick status updates, though I never use it because I use twitter for that. No big deal, what becomes a big deal is when I’m logged into Facebook and there’s a search inside FB right below the status update. As my image above illustrates there’s three input fields that all do different things; Google search, FB status updates and FB search. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d hate to publicize my FB search on my status. It’s never happened but every once in a while I get a sinking feeling that it’s going to happen. It could be pretty easy to mistake one box for a different one. Sure, I could just turn off the Facebook browser element, but I don’t feel that I should have to. What this issue shows is that while it makes sense to stuff those input fields to the right, if everyone thinks the same way those boxes become a messy ladder.

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  • Christina

    I love your site. When can we expect a new link drop??

  • michaelsurtees

    That's cool to hear—thanks! Hopefully if things don't go too crazy tomorrow (Thursday) the next Link Drop will be Friday…