iPhone Defaults

coach design pre iPhone days

This weekend my wife Tamara wanted to pack light. She just wanted to take her iPhone, a couple cards and her keys. All things that should fit into a small change purse. She picked out one of her favourite Coach change purses but was surprised to see that her iPhone wouldn’t fit in there. I know she’s had the purse for a couple years though I’m not sure if it’s over three years old which would pre date the the iPhone. Either way it got me to think that the iPhone is the new size default. Back in the day it was the business card—if a purse couldn’t fit that, would people find it useful? Today if the purse/bag doesn’t fit an iPhone is there a lot of value to owning such an item? I wonder if bag designer’s are considering those issues now. For Tamara’s trip out, her solution was giving me her stuff to hold onto…

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