Visualizing my coffee habits one cup at a time

coffee rings

This might sound sort of gross, but from time to time I’ll use the same coffee mug at home for a couple days. All I do is simply dump the old coffee out, quickly rinse and add fresh coffee. It’s a routine that works for me. Over the weekend I took a closer look inside my mug and noticed something familiar. There were rings from the old coffee lines, similar to what you would see with a tree if you were to cut one in half. With trees the rings show how much rain a tree had from year to year in a comparative scale. What could those coffee rings tell me about my mornings?

While the rings that I’ve identified are probably for five or six days, it’s hard to tell which one’s are from earlier in the week compared to my drinking habits later on. Aside from guessing which line belongs to which day, there’s a cluster of three or four lines that suggest that I’m drinking a consistent amount of coffee. I guess some information is better than no information.

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  • stavo

    Yeah.. it MIGHT sound kinda gross. (nods)

    but still, ingenuity always triumps disgusting on the cool scale, so its appreciated!

  • miked378

    I'm guessing that the rings represent not exactly how much coffee you're drinking, but more specifically, how much you're *not*drinking. From my own research into the matter (agreed, potentially gross to some readers), rings appear when a cup of coffee has sat around for a while without drinking it. Simple rinsing doesn't remove them.

    I suppose you could solve your problem by filling your mug less full (by the amount signified by the rings), and just finishing the coffee.

    BTW, the gross factor can be alleviated by using a black mug 😉

  • David Airey

    “What could those coffee rings tell me about my mornings?”

    That you're drinking more bacteria than you should be. 🙂

  • paulopereira

    the coffee rings are building coffee flavor in your mug. soon you won't need to pour coffee into your cup just add hot water- of course i'm joking

  • thomassherman

    I'm speechless