Click and Save Exploration

click and save exploration

As far as music aggregators go, Hypemachine does a great job of letting people explore and save music from other blogs out there. I’m emphasizing the word explore because I can’t think of a better site that is human curated that allows for similar connections to be made from one song to the next. It’s a pretty simple process. I heart a song that I like, whether hearted a song or not—I can see who else has hearted that. Typically I’ll go to the first person (oldest) that saved it as they probably found it via different sources then everyone else, or they might just be a lot faster at finding good stuff. A caveat is that if there’s more then fifty people hearting a song I’ll ignore it as it’s already gone common. Either way I can go throw their current playlist to see what they’re liking music wise. Going through that list is where I’m going to find stuff that I would probably not have come across otherwise. I think that type of click and save exploration is could transferable to other digital stuff. It doesn’t just have to be about music. The skill though is keeping their site a main point of reference before people get lost in the clicks.

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