Pepsi and Coca-Cola logos through the years


Last Friday I linked to a jpg that showed a lot of Pepsi logos through the years being updated while on the other side were two logos from Coke. Armin Vit who apparently had the time to research the error of the other jpg has collected the above logos to show a more realistic representation of the two brands evolution. You can read the sordid details of his Brand New post titled Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Revised Edition.

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  • graphicdesignblog

    Thanks for this updated version of Pepsi and Coca-Cola Logo transformation. Few days back I saw this post but it only showcased the Pepsi Logo change @

    This is awsum….

  • jamieallsop

    It's nice to see what Pepsi and Coca Cola's logos look liked all those years ago when they first started and how they have changed over over the years.

  • bcapulong

    Great reference to the evolution of both Pepsi and Coca-Cola brands. I know some people are not too happy with new Pepsi logo but frankly, I don't mind it. They've managed to retain the equities of the brand so it's still recognizable. It's always interesting to see the origins of a brand and how it came to be.

    Thanks for sharing.

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