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A positive sign that the economy might soon be moving upwards is the energy generated after some of the recent tech mergers. It was only a couple weeks ago that Amazon and Zappos mentioned their deal. Yesterday Facebook and Friendfeed let the world know about their coming together. While I’ll leave it to the bank analysts to predict what future earnings these mergers will behold, what I find worth noting is how each company embodied their culture with the way they announced their deals. The CEO from Zappos sent an email to his employees and in turn published it to his blog. Jeff Bezos gave a speech via YouTube. Gawker aptly describes the announcement with the headline Amazon Buys Zappos, Gives Press the Boot. Soon after TechCrunch announced Facebook and Friendfeed links were flying around Twitter. One of the more interesting Tweets came from @RachelSterne who noticed on Facebook “More important to share OR discover? Compare home of Facebook, Friendfeed + Twitter. Then count 7 ‘shares’ in release:” My favourite though has to be the simple announcement of the heart from FriendFeed. Each of those company deal announcements shows uniqueness and energy that brought them their original success. Compare those announcements to the site that Microsoft and Yahoo put together and you can predict which deals might be more successful than the others…

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