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Urban Outfitters Bike Shop website has been floating around for a while. I think part of the site’s charm and blog appeal is that it’s an easy and fun site to spend a couple minutes with. Bikes are cool, people like the idea of fixed gear and there’s enough variables that it’s hard to get bored. I’ve gone back a handful of times just to play around with the color. The price is also cheap enough that even if I wasn’t that serious about buying one, it’s still in the realm of possibility. Customization of products online isn’t new either, I can think of several shoe companies like Nike and Converse that allow people to make their own shoe. I suppose more products should follow though I suspect that depending on the type of “thing”, the production set up costs could be high. However even then a company might want to consider making a customizable site. My guess is that even if a person never buys a customizable product, the amount of time the person spends on the site increases significantly.

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  • Leanda Ryan

    Spent a good twenty minutes playing with the colour picker on this site last week, not available in the UK yet, probably only a matter of time. The bike are very cheap, but it's led me to deciding to purchase a single speed bike from a small British bike builder that I can customise myself in time.
    Still it will be interesting to see how popular these become.

  • paulopereira

    wished they had more options though. i would love different kind of brake system. but it is a cool website that i didn't even know existed.

  • richardstewart

    Hey Michael,
    pretty cool, I'm loving the random button!

  • bc

    Not to knock Republic Bike, but I believe Mission Bicycle ( was around before them and their website definitely gives you more options if you'd like to play around customizing just about everything on a bike.

  • A.k K.a

    If you want to get places faster than you can on a regular bicycle, try a Razor electric scooter.