Point and Click Video in 360


Looking at yellowBird, the video that records in 360 makes a photo 360 view look pretty one dimensional. With the video demo all a person has to do is press play and move the cursor in the direction that they want to see. There’s six lenses mounted on a tripod that captures an amazing view in motion that I’ve never seen before. While reading about the technology, another impressive aspect of the camera is that it records sound in 360 too.Tons of potential to do great things with the service. Imagine what could be done with this camera and augmented reality…

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  • http://uniknotions.com/profile.php?user=david david

    that's awesome!!
    but going into a crowd with that funny looking device on your head?


  • Austin

    What was the song playing in the background of the video??

  • humaninterface

    Pjanoo – send me you e-mail address and I will send it to you.


  • PinkFloydFreak

    The song sounds like Joonas Hahmo, but im not sure.

  • Reanimator

    Absolutely amazing!! Keep this up!

  • Vendetta

    stunning stuff!

    (only with a mac folks 😉 just kidding

  • http://avi.alkalay.net/ Avi Alkalay

    Thats very VERY cool !!!

  • http://www.videostreetview.com/ mwameme

    Have you ever seen this 360° full motion video streetview? http://www.videostreetview.com !