What advice would you give someone who’s starting to teach?

As adjunct faculty the most important thing I’ve learned is that teaching is not about imparting knowledge, it’s about creating opportunities for learning to occur. At first I taught the material. By communicating situations and considerations students would encounter, I deprived them of the experience of naturally coming across issues that require situation. Put another way: learing occurs by solving problems, not by knowing how to prevent them.

Tina, aka Swissmiss asked a question that she’s getting a lot of great response to. Tiana’s teaching for the first time and is looking for advice. It’s a post that if you’re about to teach (or have taught for quite a while), is worth reading. All the different pov’s is fascinating to read. You can read the post at www.swiss-miss.com/2009/08/question-for-my-readers-3.html

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