A better help desk

Table set up at Tekserve

A couple weeks ago I had to take in my MacBook pro because the screen went black. Thankfully the people at Tekserve were able to fix it in a few days. While talking with the guy on the other side of the counter I noticed that the shape of the tables weren’t the standard rectangle, but either a hexagon or octagon. Those shapes pressed together created a nice balance and working space. Visiting help desk is typically stressful because somethings broken and is preventing a person to do a task. By opening up the space in an organic way that stress at least to me was reduced. I also noticed that the negative space made the area a bit easier to move around. I wonder if that type of shape was taken into the studio how it would help or hinder normal working conditions when people are more likely to be sitting all day as opposed to standing.

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  • http://www.edrealita.com/ Edrea

    MK12 has a honeycomb design structure for their offices.

    It looks a bit chaotic but from what I heard they really like their setup.