Constant Updates Part One

Picture 69

From time to time I’ll mention agile design and what that process can entail. Design something quick to see what works and what doesn’t and iterate from there. An unintentional consequence of that as I’m starting to notice every couple days is the time I’m wasting in front of my screen. Not because I’m throwing away a lot of good ideas, but in terms of my browser. I’ve got a couple plugins and it feels like every morning when I turn my laptop on, Firefox wants to update something. There’s two types of things that happen. I’ll either be able to opt in for the update, but sometimes it just does it. It’ll take a minute or so, but as that happens more frequently that time adds up over a month. It’s annoying that I have to wait for fixes caused by their process. I’m not sure there’s a simple answer though I wish there was. Twitterfon also wants to update something every once in a while too. I’ll turn on my iPhone, then the app to post something quickly only to see that the database is spinning—it drives me crazy, let me opt in on the update. Don’t force me to hold off what I want to do because of a fix.

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