Workspace over water





Walking around and through the ICA in Boston over the weekend, I could help but be drawn to the overhang of the building. While from the outside it’s one of the defining marks of the building it was what I experienced inside that left me wanting to talk further about it. Inside the overhang there’s two spaces that I saw. The first was a large room to sit. Giant windows give a good view of the water. The second space was quite special. There’s a bunch of iMacs descending towards the water like a lecture hall. But instead of a white board, the front of the room is defined by water. If I were to ever have the chance to make a working space near water, this is exactly what I’d want. It was such a unique and calming experience. Sitting down the silence sounded like music. If only all spaces could aspire to such a level of sound design.

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  • andrewlos

    Absolutely my favourite part of the building as well.