Why are there offices anymore?

I saw the above video where an individual worker that’s digitally inclined looks through his iPhone to find a place to work for what I assume is a couple hours. The augmented reality map is cool in that it shows some of the finer amenities that such a person would want such as coffe, noise, wifi etc. While it’s debatable if a service like this would help find a new place to work, or just throw out a simple question to friends about a new place to work, the more interesting behaviour is the fact that office space isn’t what it used to be. Consultants of one are roaming around at street level while above office areas that used to be full stay empty of the bust that’s happened.

I wonder how long it will be before a lot of street level space that lays dormant will start opening their doors to entrepreneurs that start converting the area to cosy places that serve coffee, wifi, and a nice atmosphere to work. I’ve seen stuff beginning like this, but it’s for collective groups as opposed to single individuals.

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  • http://egobsd.org/log/ candice

    some locals here set up a communal workspace – pay by the month for either a floating desk, a locking desk of your own, or an office. http://launchpadnola.com/

    I don't need it at the moment, but I have some friends that use it – it's near one of my offices in the new orleans warehouse district, in the ground floor where I think used to be an architecture firm. Lots of great windows.

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    thanks for sharing that, great idea…

  • epps

    I really don't agree with some of these statements, street-level view places should be kept like they are, it really wouldn't be any cool if 'entrepreneurs' are coming about and tampering with something that shouldn't be tampered about.

    The application, like anything else in life, could be used properly and positively, but i really don't like these 'smart business ideas' that end up making a couple of people richer, and a whole lot of people out of business.

    let's think with our hearts instead of our minds for a while, things just may end up better.


  • http://www.hanntucker.co.uk/ Noise Control

    I can't really see there being a problem with people creating noise free places to work, I know I'd be happy to see more of them around.