To Exit Turn Right (or Left)



Coming back from lunch today I noticed something that made me pause. Someone had labeled the inside door knob of my building explaining how use it. Trying to make peoples lives easier is something most designer’s strive for. But I wondered how someone came to the decision to create these instructions. Was it from their own personal experience or did some feel the need to tell someone that they were having problems? Was the knob just too stiff which in turn made people confused. The issues are limitless of course. The irony is that you can turn the knob left and get the same result as turning it right.

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  • Rick Liebling

    Before your explanation, I assumed that to exit a person should turn right, rather than go out this particular door. Of course, I don't have the benefit of visual context, can you turn right?

  • michaelsurtees

    Good question, let me take a 2nd image that shows the doors in context

  • Luci

    I thought the same as Rick actually, although I had the added benefit of the second picture to clear up my misunderstanding 🙂
    It's one of those interesting notes people leave, that's either really helpful or really quite odd!