Walking to work in 60 Seconds, my 20/20 at #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009















Me presenting my 20 under 20



I survived the opening of #makethink AIGA Design Conference 2009 relatively well, met some smart people and had some good food. Not much more a designer could ask for when starting a conference. Rewinding for a minute—July 30th was when I got an email from friend and President Debbie Millman asking if I would like to represent the AIGA NY Chapter for 20/20. The basis is an open ended brief of presenting something on Make Think in any media of my choosing for one minute. I had seen the prior conferences version online for Gain and Next so I knew what I was going to be a part of. I immediately emailed Debbie back letting her know that I’d be happy to do it. I had a vague idea that I wanted to be minimal on the speech, let the visuals speak for them self, and it was going to be about NYC. In the end I chose to share what it’s like for me to walk to work everyday in the best city in the world.

Above are some of the photos I took on my daily walk. The entire set of photos can be found on flickr. The video that I pressed play to is on Vimeo and YouTube. I also have a pdf, though if you’d like a copy of that please email me.

The prepared text:
Hi, I’m Michael Surtees from AIGA NY and I’d like to share what it’s like to walk to work every morning in NYC. I start in the mid 30’s and walk about 40 minutes to SoHo. This is the every day graphic design in it’s purest form that lives and dies on the street depending on how strong the mark is. I love experiencing this stuff because I spend most of my time thinking on screen.

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  • http://www.davidairey.com/ David Airey

    Glad the opening went well for you, Michael. Nice video. Makes me want to walk to work in NYC too.

  • FionaClark

    Hi Michael. I've been reading your blog since my friend, Robert Peters, directed me here. I had to comment on this because I love the idea of taking photos during your daily walk. I walk from work to home (29th to 77th) a few times a week and you've inspired me to snap some photographs of that. Thank you!

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Thanks for sharing that with me, really nice to hear.

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