AIGA Conference Notes #makethink: Saturday 1.5 (Redesigning Design, Creativity, Art Direction and Jill Greenberg)

Over the next couple of days I’ll be updating these posts with more contextual notes

Redesigning Design, David Butler (vice president of global design, The Coca-Cola Company)
redesigning design

Nick Law
Creativity is a habit, not something that happens in the shower – Nick Law

Art Direction on the Web, Ian Adelman, design director, and; Agnieszka Gasparska, principal, Kiss Me I’m Polish LLC; Khoi Vinh, design director,

art direction on the web quotes

This was one of the panels that I was looking forward to because I’ve interacted a lot within my daily life online between the NYT and NY Mag though I had to admit I wasn’t familiar with Agnieszka Gasparska before the talk—though two of the email lists (Thrillist & Refinery29) I get in the morning were designed from her. Khoi covered a lot of different ground in the session and I found that I was taking a lot of notes. But comparing this talk with the Facebook talk presented some interesting contrasts that I wonder if was about East Coast vs. West Coast, or editorial vs. start up mentality that I might try to explore this further at a later date. When it came to actually getting their hands into the code, it was pretty apparent that Agnieszka and Ian were more interested in working with people that are experts in that part of the implementation while at Facebook they were all doing it themselves.

Here’s some of the other soundbytes that I got from the talk:
· Taking the magazine and translating it to the web.
· Economics and time—designers can’t touch every piece of content
· Is it too expensive to have art direction on the web?
· Directing story telling space
· Designing pieces of the puzzle others can use
· The promise of 3–5 years—typography on the web, though we have to design for what we have right now
· Can I make a chart in 15 minutes? Probably not…
· No page, no artifact
· Page is alive
· NY Magazine hired someone recently to make the ads work better
· The screen is not the same thing as a piece of paper
· Kill the words “innovative, simple and intuitive”

Making Pictures to Make You Think, Jill Greenberg

jill greenberg quote

Jill Greenberg talk

This was an interesting talk for people to grapple with. I thought it was great to hear her in person explain what had happened with her Atlantic Monthly cover shoot with John McCain. For me, I didn’t know that she was just being paid for expenses of one cover image, and the rest of the photos that she shot were hers for redistribution and selling. It’s a point that I think goes over a lot of people’s head in terms of how photographers actually make a living. Than there’s the actual content—some people hate the McCain shoot, others like myself not so much though I probably wouldn’t want to hang it on my wall. It’s one of those ethical things that a lot of people thought crossed the line and others that thought she did was fine. More people than I actually realized weren’t exactly happy that she was the presenter ending the conference, but for me personally I was fine with it and was quite happy she was there. Sometimes we’ve got to push ourselves a bit further with who’s talking, it doesn’t have to be all fluffy motivational stuff.

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  • James Kemp

    I love Jill Greenberg's pictures, they all look great! It's an interesting take on portraiture and adds an exciting and intriguing twist and definitely makes for some brilliant pictures.