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Link Drop from September 27, 2009 – October 18th 2009 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop from September 27, 2009 – October 18th 2009

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Yes, Link Drops are back—I never really took a break because I was still finding stuff to archive online. I just ran out of time to publish what I thought was worth sharing. Below is a small sample of what I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully next week around this time (maybe Saturday) I’ll be back to a regular schedule.

How The Huffington Post uses real-time testing to write better headlines
How The Huffington Post uses real-time testing to write better headlines » Nieman Journalism Lab_1255791433298
Kind of a no kidding kind of read—test two headlines in the span of five minutes, see which one works better and kill the other one. There are other interesting implications for this kind of thing though. This real time data can change how more topics and other content is served if the right data patterns are connected, and action is able to be taken.

Save Our Sounds
BBC World Service - Special Reports - Save Our Sounds_1255791398075
I like this idea a lot. Upload sounds from the city that you’re in. I played a little bit with this when I was getting my talk showing my walking experience going to work everyday. For street sounds I don’t there’s a better place than NYC.

Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1
Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1 - a set on Flickr_1254588901731

I received an email a couple weeks ago from the publisher of Qompendium talking about their new print piece. While I can’t speak to the quality of the design or the content because I don’t have it in hand, the images they’re uploaded to flickr seem quite special. I’m looking forward to seeing this in person some day.

The actual site from the flickr set above…

Sketching in Hardware is Changing Your Life, by Fabricio Dore
Sketching in Hardware is Changing Your Life, by Fabricio Dore - Core77_1255791450317
Hardware sketches allow the designer to see things in real time, react and make changes in the real environment.

Our Changing Information Diet
Our Changing Information Diet_1255791457555
Comparing information and food consumption in parallel—interesting idea that I’ve never considered yet in hindsight seems kind of obvious to do.

Design Resources
|| DESIGN RESOURCES ||_1255791468127
A nice organized list of sites to explore that design and things around that idea.

Windows User Experience Design Principles
Windows User Experience Design Principles_1255791475456
Yes, there is such a thing

Spark 88 – October 18 & 20, 2009
Spark 88 – October 18 & 20, 2009 | Spark | CBC Radio_1255791503819
The Spark Podcast should be required listening for anyone that enjoys coming to DesignNotes. With that said this week’s session has got a lot of info gems, even more so than usual.

Origami Cloak
Monster-Munch Origami Cloak_1255791542146
I’m not into fashion but found this coat thing to be quite cool. With a couple digital tweaks it could be quite fascinating.

10/GUI : The Video
 The Video_1255791555010
You’ve probably seen this demo by now, but if you haven’t it shows a couple new ways to navigate with hands. While there’s a lot of freedom in that, it’s interesting to note that the scroll from one page to the next can only happen horizontally.

Out of the Box: access to mobile
Out of the Box - Helen Hamlyn Centre_1255873016222
A couple things to note, a good place to test things on seniors is at a bingo parlor, instruction manuals of phones could/should be turned into hardcover books so they last the length of the phone and that functionality should be made available outside the phone.

Eat the Rich by Banksy, photograph by Jeremy Gibbs…

If this is indeed from Banksy, it’s something new to me.

Have we failed?
Have we failed
It’s fine that people are starting to reflect on whether or not the identity business has failed though I think it’s a bit late now. Any time something new has come along the old guard has basically dismissed it. Maybe that process should be reconsidered too.

It’s Not About Web Traffic Anymore
Small Business Technology Blog -- Inc. Technology_1254588862854
I don’t know about this assessment. In the eyes of advertisers it’s going to be hard to refute page clicks. But in terms of reputation traffic it isn’t the only measurement out there.

Daniel Johnston’s music turned into iPhone game
Daniel Johnston's music turned into iPhone game | Music | guardian.co.uk_1254588879875
When I saw this headline come out on Twitter I foolishly mistakend Daniel Johnston for Jack Johnson and suggested what was the point of this app. Once I realized I was completely wrong I bought the app and have been enjoying the game.

 Phantom City_1254588889788
I think apps like this have huge potential. The basic problem with this one currently is that it’s always telling me I need to get closer to Manhattan. The problem with that is that I am in Manhattan.

A friend passed me on this group via Facebook. I’m not that savy with dance but it seems kind of interesting.

Ingenious and Demanding
WSJ's Architecture Critic Ada Louise Huxtable on the Documentary Film Koolhaas Houselife - WSJ.com_1254588949821
It’s an article about a house that Rem Koolhaas designed that takes on a life of its own.

iPhone Paper Clip Stand
Dean and Ying's Blog - iPhone Paper Clip Stand_1254588993272
I can vouch for this as I’ve made it myself. An inexpensive way to display an iPhone or iPod.

Redefining a Profession
Design - Redefining a Profession - NYTimes.com_1254589007473
I saw Tim give a good talk a couple weeks ago about this stuff…

Data Visualization: A Primer and Practical Application
 A Primer and Practical Application | eyecube_1254589020986
I’ve been meaning to post about this for quite some time, Rick asked a couple people about data viz including moi…

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