REVIEW COPY: Glitch: Designing Imperfection by Iman Moradi

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I’ve been a fan of glitch for a while, I just didn’t know there was a name for it. Every once in a while I’ll try to slip in an image on the blog that’s been heavily manipulated by messing with gif levels. I like how the the bit maps feel natural in their environment. So when I came across Glitch: Designing Imperfection by Iman Moradi I was interested in reading how the book talked about the art.

The book is broken out into three parts, the first section is comprised of interviews, the second is digital examples replicated on paper and the third is an index that’s a bit more informative than the usual. As someone who didn’t know much about glitch, I thought the book was a good start though I would liked it to have gone more in depth both in interviews, essays and examples. Of course books have budgets and a limited amount of pages. This type of book would be perfect for an expanded website—that’s sort of where the index becomes valuable. Unfortunately as far as I know it’s just a printed source and not online.

So what’s a glitch anyways? In the preface it’s described as a spurge of electronic current, a hiccup—in German it roughly translates “to slip or slide”. More interesting is trying to catch the random actions and events that are technical. That’s where the examples are valuable, I just had hopped there had been more. Because technology tries to be perfect, seeing those rules bent or broken are fascinating to me. Reading the interviews it was interesting that two separate people described how they like showing the work to those that had no idea about glitches. One tension that seemed to arise was that of the work being pure, alteration and that of commercial work that relies on that type of glitch aesthetic. It’s an interesting subject matter that I’ll take a closer look into after reading about it.

Title: Glitch: Designing Imperfection
Authour: Iman Moradi
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher

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