Starting the #walkingtoworktoday photo project

type sign #walkingtoworktoday

walking to work 005shimwalking to work 001shimwalking to work 004

Expanding on my presentation recently at the AIGA Make Think Conference where I got to share my daily walking experience to work in NYC, and how that allows me to think—I thought I’d push the idea a bit further. I want to open the photo project up to others. It’s amazing what people can see when they have their eyes are open—why not share that while walking to work?

The rules are simple, 1. you must have a twitter account, and 2. you must be able to take a picture and send it to flickr via twitter (read how to do this), and most importantly 3. take a picture while walking to work once a day and add the hashtag #walkingtoworktoday At this point it’s a bit of an experiment if anyone else will want to join in… Last week I tested out the idea sans hastag, now I’m going to include #walkingtoworktoday to the photos from today on. If you’re interested, take a pick and send it to flickr via twitter. I’m kind of curious to see how this evolves.

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  • Loren Baxter

    Really cool idea, not sure if I can participate every day but I will post when I decide not to work from home 🙂

  • michaelsurtees

    cool to hear/see