Type Knockout



I'm a sucker for big type


Over the weekend I met up with friend Caren Litherland whom I haven’t seen in a crazy amount of time. We’re both fans of type so as we were walking she suggested we should check out Lever House. I’d never been there before but will be back. It’s essentially an area that allows for open artwork to be seen from the street. For someone that loves type, it was great to see the walls covered in it. Caren identified it as Knockout. I’m embarrassed to say I’m not sure who actually laid the type out though… Barbara Kruger was behind the placement… So if you’re a type fan and have some free time I’d take a stroll to 390 Park Avenue.

More info on the Lever House at http://leverhouseartcollection.com

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  • steve

    not sure if Barbara Kruger laid the type out herself. http://www.designrelated.com/inspiration/view/e
    this is definitely striking. nice pics

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    thanks for the heads up, now I have to go back to see the inside…

  • http://www.tinkugallery.com/ Amrita

    Funny I was there when I was last in NYC and had no idea that's what this was. It was a nice surprise during my stroll back to the hotel.