A couple quotes from the National Design Awards Winners’ Panel

national design awards quotes

National Design Awards Panel

Last night’s National Design Awards Winners’ Panel last night felt slow and kind of long. I don’t think it had to do with any one of the people on stage (Walter Hood, Jeff Han, Amory B. Lovins, Andrew Blauvelt, Christopher Sharples, Laurene Boym, Calvin Tsao and Steve Duenes), but the conversation was kind of predictable though quotable. I also think it was a disservice not to actually show any of the design work of the people on stage. Because the backdrop was white there wasn’t a lot of context for what they were actually celebrating. Of everything I heard last night, the one comment that stood out was about nature not optimizing yet today everything is being reduced to boxes for optimization and the one we all know well—“frustration is part of the design process”.

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