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Link Drop from October 19th to October 25th, 2009 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop from October 19th to October 25th, 2009

Link Drop Themes

Thinking about news, technology and ways that people can publish their own stuff was high on my list this week. Lots to consider as people keep pushing forward into the new year. Other gems to debate are how we connect emotionally to those that we’re reading about all the time. Aside from that there’s some typography, photos, fashion and food to counter all the tech talk.

A Writing Revolution

A Writing Revolution § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM_1256483870283

When people ask me for advice on just about anything, I always mention that they should start a blog. The reason being is that it allows a person to publish with the intention of not having to rely on any one else. The just of this post is that the worrisome gap of not being able to read is being supplanted by those that can’t publish.

A Framework for Building Customer Experiences

A Framework for Building Customer Experiences - Peter Merholz - HarvardBusiness.org_1256483919077

While not a recent post these steps are quite helpful for understanding how experiences are rooted in systems and vice versa.

You are f*ing with the magic!

 You are f*ing with the magic!_1256483933830

Change happens, I’m not sure why creatives think they’re exempt from it—and so goes another story goes about the “magic” being killed off by Google. There’s still magic though it’s now known as the “unknown”—people still find that technology is a mystery. And there’s still the emphasis on hanging with clients, it’s just manifesting itself out on foursquare now.

The End of an Era

The End of an Era | Blog | design mind_1256483952076

More industries are coming together and blurring things called design. I’ve never consider design to be a commodity but as the post points out there’s a lot of good firms out there capable of good and is only separated by cost. Considering that, how does one design org take that in stride—and can they?

Relationship Symmetry in Social Networks: Why Facebook will go Fully Asymmetric

 Why Facebook will go Fully Asymmetric - Bokardo_1256483960042

It’s hard for me to argue with the points made as to why Facebook will become more open like Twitter is for following people—meaning that I can follow someone and they don’t have to follow me back. The only point not made in this post is how some people are more likely to let others follow them on Facebook that they don’t really know well, and only follow those that they know on Twitter. An inverse of what most people would expect.

i’m not here to make friends

I'm Not Here To Make Friends | Serial Consign_1256483972759

Probably my favourite quote from this post was the statement “What Web 2.0 lacks is the technique of antagonistic linkage. Instead, we are confronted with the Tyranny of Positive Energy.” There’s a lot of interesting critique stuff going on here as starting points to read. My only caution is that sometimes being a bit positive goes a long way which isn’t such a bad thing when a person considers before people could publish their own stuff people had Tabloids to distract themselves with.

The Myth of Usability Testing

 The Myth of Usability Testing_1256483982343

I don’t think there’s a lot of new ground covered here though there’s mention of several good tools that can for finding out what stuff isn’t working.

TDC / House “Type as Object” Exhibit & Pop-Up Shop


This looks like something that anyone remotely interested in type would want to check out—if you’re in NYC go visit the TDC Headquarters at 347 West 36 Street before the middle of November…


A heart a day_1256483995982

Just like the title suggests, Thomas Fuchs illustrates a heart in a new way. So far so good.

Farewell to Shepard’s “Fairey Use” Movement

Farewell to Shepard's "Fairey Use" Movement | And How | Fast Company_1256484003381

A good summation of why no one should trust Shepard Fairey again. I’ve been a fan of his work, but with this taint it’s really going to be hard to look at any of his work in the same way.

JBP in the NY Times: For Online Art Gallery 20×200, An Unlikely Investor

 For Online Art Gallery 20×200, An Unlikely Investor_1256484010637

I’m quite fascinated to see how 20X200 evolves now that it has outside investors helping grow the business.

20 Hype Street Snap Blogs for Fashion & Design Inspiration

20 Hype Street Snap Blogs for Fashion & Design Inspiration | Inspired Magazine_1256484018790

Here’s a bunch of links to fashion sites if that’s something you’re into.

Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins - Daughter of Zeus - 1987_1256484026490

Photographers have a hard time on the web, there’s always the concern that people will steal their work. To counteract that problem on Haskins site he has a section of free images to use. It’s hard to know if it really works but it seems like a good idea. Try to control what is being used and hopefully have people respect his other image rights.

Wall Street’s Naked Swindle

 Rolling Stone_1256484033085

I didn’t know how short-selling worked before I read this article, and if I was quizzed on it I probably wouldn’t be able to give a definitive answering. However this article is worth reading for further background on the games that are going on out there.

Trash Track

Trash | Track_1256484039396

Cool idea to track trash.

Stand Back for the Exploded View!

Stand Back for the Exploded View! — AIGA | the professional association for design_1256484045894

A post on everything a person would want to know about the exploded diagram, something that’s easy to take for granted but placed in the context of other images is quite compelling.

Google CEO: Vast Web changes coming within 5 years

 Vast Web changes coming within 5 years_1256484052382

When it comes to future talk of the web, a lot of it is already here. It’s just that people don’t know how to use it. The bottleneck isn’t so much the technology as much as people not knowing why they might need something.

The Robots Are Coming! Oh, They’re Here.

The Robots Are Coming! Oh, They’re Here. - Media Decoder Blog - NYTimes.com_1256484058579

Examples like this are quite valuable when thinking about the next level of automation. Turning data, into info that becomes a story.

Short or Long-Form Writing?

Best Writing Formats for Web Content Strategy_1256484065140

Words become sentences, sentences to paragraphs etc. I think it’s the same for short bursts of text that can either grow into something else or stay as is.

2010 vancouver olympics medals

2010 vancouver olympics medals_1256484071264

I’m not a huge fan of these designs though I do like the front of the paralympic medal that’s in braille.

Joey Roth on design

Joey Roth on design - Boing Boing_1256484077155

What I liked about this interview was the talk of something that’s rarely covered in most design profiles—competition and enemies. Not holding anything back Roth talks about what motivates him. While I think there’s room for irony in design myself it was refreshing to read about someone that isn’t afraid of sharing his own pov as opposed to just talking out loud with the expected answers.



Really interesting way to challenge a chef. Give a short list of materials and see how they approach to cooking it. Nice site design too.

Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader surprise feature: Free reading in stores

 Free reading in stores - Core77_1256484089222

I like how this challenges the kindle, not just as an e-reader but keeps their stores relevant. When I person is using their device in a Barnes & Noble the books are free. There’s a lot of compelling models that can be spun off such an idea.

A Nerd’s Take On The Future Of News Media

 A Nerd's Take On The Future Of News Media_1256484679035

Kind of curious to see who can implement on this concept of curation…

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  • Greg J. Smith

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for linking to my “I'm Not Here to Make Friends” post. I agree a little positivity can go a long way, I guess I was in a sour mode when I honed in on that video and essay but I think between the two of them they provide an interesting counterpoint to the enthusiasm we *generally* hear regarding social media. The world is full of evangelists and cheerleaders so once in a while it is nice to swallow a bitter pill! That Ippolita, Lovink and Rossiter essay that I linked to/quoted is exactly that…

  • Su

    What Web 2.0 lacks is the technique of antagonistic linkage.

    This isn't quite true. The Vote Links microformat has been around since at least 2005, and allows for attaching implicit dis-/approval for whatever is being linked to. As with so many bits of “Web2.0,” however, only so many people know about it, fewer understand it, and probably even fewer actually use it…