Story vs. Systems, or as things will be for the time being

connecting the dots

for the time being

define stories

This post started from a simple search and by the time I was finished I was connecting dots from all sorts of concepts that I’ve come across recently. I was wanted to get the meaning of something so I’ll often type in the word define: into google with a term I’m looking to get more info from. As I started typing the word define I was being auto promoted by what are the ten most popular terms to be defined on google. That list of ten got me thinking about other data inputs out there and a story I saw from the NYT titled The Robots Are Coming! Oh, They’re Here.. In the post they talk about Intelligent Information Laboratory @ Northwestern University – Projects – Stats Monkey who are attempting to take public info like box scores and play by play action into stories. Thinking a bit further about all the stuff, it reminded me of a round table discussion I was a part of at the AIGA Conference that Nick Law talked about systems and stories and how traditional agency people are stuck in an old model. Adding to that point I found a post from Peter Merholz talking about a Framework for Building Customer Experiences. The base level being systems while building to experiences. Considering all that information and what I’m thinking about day in and day out there just seemed to be a lot of dots to connect.

For the time being there seems to be a battle of people wanting to be “the source” as opposed to understanding that they’ll at best be “a source”. It’s hard to grapple. It’s story vs system a lot of the time. One minute the story is the thing, the next it’s just info being transformed into data to be reformatted, mashed up and turned into new info that’s going to be a different story. In the not so distant future it could be interesting to type in a word that adds a couple unique facets that than create a one of a kind story from everyone’s experiences that have been shared.

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