Working in real time vs plus one

real time vs 1 plus

I noticed something strange a couple days after I changed the time on my watches back an hour. Working away on my laptop I’d glance up to my microwave time which I hadn’t been bothered to change. A couple days passed, I’d glance up and continue to work. It hit me—I realized that by having one clock an hour ahead I was getting a lot of more work done and leaving for work on time. There’s probably reasons why my work flow is better like being more focused however I think there’s something helpful to being able to see slightly into the future, even if it’s just on the surface level. If you’re game I’d set one clock an hour ahead and keep track to see if you notice any different work habits.

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  • djrange

    I'll need to try that out. Most of the time, I only have my personal watch or cellphone though.

  • michaelsurtees

    Right, I think it depends whether you're at home, at work or outside. The only clock I do this with is at home, work is a different story and outside is pretty impossible.

  • djrange

    One thing that I've noticed, since I am in Taipei, is that it's easier to meet deadlines in the US since now, I am 13 hours ahead. Before I was 12 hours ahead. That extra hour makes a difference since it doesn't change the way I work, but it adds more time on the other end.