Link Drop from November 9th to 20th, 2009

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The last couple of weeks have been quiet on the collection of sites for Link Drop. This time last week I only had a couple hence the two weeks between now and the last publishing. What I did find interesting with this set was that there was a lot of links about stories and narrative, a couple things that I haven’t posted much about. There was also a healthy dose of photo sites attached to media. Hopefully there’s some gems in here that you haven’t come across yet.

Best, Michael

10 Years / 10 Learnings
 10 Learnings_1258669352524
This post got a lot of traction this week from everything that I twetted. I think part of the reason was that it was an honest look back of ten years in a way that a lot of people could relate to.

Olive is Green_1258669365735
Similar to the above post, this has a lot of great things to consider as we evolves as designers.

Last Days of Gourmet
Last Days of Gourmet_1258669387292
I didn’t know anyone at Gourmet Magazine, though through a lot of friends I know it seemed like this magazine closing was pretty tough to swallow. The photos taken inside the last days are incredible. As far as photo documentation goes I think this set is really important. It gives a glimpse of what a lot in old media are going through. What’s particularly trajec with magazines closing is at the core they’re sharing ideas. Design studios and agencies come and go. Clients move on, but when a magazine closes, that set of principles dies.

Q & A with David Pearson, David Pearson Design
Q & A with David Pearson, David Pearson Design | The Casual Optimist_1258669396595
If you’re a fan of Penguin Books, or just a fan of books and design, this interview is worth a read.

This is probably my favourite find. It goes into amazing detail about the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. I can still remember in vivid detail of the cover designs and the excitement I would get from trying to decide which book to buy.

Things that twitter at the 140 character conference
Funny how things find their way on Twitter. I saw a friend mention something about non people that Twitter and in response passed along a couple links. Than another person I followed chimed in about a talk he gave on the subject. Above is his presentation.

Marina Hyde interviews Charlie Brooker
I found this conversation hilarious, in fact I listened to it twice. Whether you know who they are or not isn’t really the point. Great conversation for the headphones, probably wouldn’t blast it at work with speakers.

Grafik Armor
In a couple steps a person can make a decent custom snow board. UI is pretty nice too.

Participatory Storytelling: A Thousand Authors in Search of a Character
 A Thousand Authors in Search of a Character - - The Evolution of Story._1258669478439
This turns the idea of an authour on its head. Authour now becomes director…

Mobile empowerment
Mobile empowerment - Popwuping_1258669542856
Illustrating that passive to active crowd.

Characters for an Epic Tale
 Characters for an Epic Tale_1258669490017
This looks like a great poster for anyone in need of a bit of creativity. I just wish the image was larger for a more detailed look at all the characters.

Thanksgiving Part I
Thanksgiving Part I | Luxirare_1258669510671
This is food design taken to the next level. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

How Pro Photographers Use Their Cameraphones
Similar to my skype photo mention in a Link Drop a couple weeks ago, it looks like photographers are starting to embrace local technologies. Whether it takes off is yet to be seen.

‘We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want to Die’
 'We Like Lists Because We Don't Want to Die' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International_1258669549248
I think we also like to collect things that are important to us.

“Unfriend” is Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year
Another word that could be high up there is Block. There’s a lot of people in need of meds out there.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie
Really cool video, surprised I only came across it a couple days ago for the first time.

Ant Scott & Iman Moradi Interview
Ant Scott & Iman Moradi Interview | Serial Consign_1258669607999
A great interview from the authors of the Glitch book I reviewed a couple weeks ago.

‘Greatest Trade’: How You Can Make $20 Billion
 How You Can Make $20 Billion - WSJ.com_1258669617419
Speaking of lists, there’s a number of things within this list that might help you out.

A Literary Holiday Gift Guide: Best New Books on New York, New York
 Best New Books on New York, New York_1258669624577
Books about the best city in the world.

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