We know there’s a problem, just chill until we can pass along more info

We're apparently having problems,
just chill until we can let you know what's up

Dreamhost is known from time to time to go down. No hosting service is perfect though Dreamhost has a reputation for going down more than a lot of other companies in the same field. This morning I tried to check some stats and noticed that I couldn’t which is unusual. Next I went to my site and noticed that was not coming up either so I then went to Dreamhosts’ website which was apparently down too. I knew something was going wrong but there wasn’t any way to find out what was going bad except to realize that my site not working was part of a bigger Dreamhost issue. I did a quick search on Twitter to find out that yes many others were having the same problem as me, yet there was no indication from Dreamhosts official Twitter account that anything was wrong.

As minor as Dreamhost perceived the issue of their network going down, one tweet could have really helped them out. A simple “we know something’s up, once we have more info we’ll let you know” kind of tweet would have gone a long way. Sure some people would still have been upset, but at least it would have shown that the company was being proactive as opposed to not looking like they were asleep at the wheel. It would also have put ownness on everyone complaining on Twitter to just chill. Dreamhost knows there’s a problem, they’re trying to fix it, tech sucks sometimes so relax about it until it’s fixed. Instead silence breeds contempt which is unfortunate since a simple message can go a long way.

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