Redesigning the Street Light (just a little bit)



I really like this street light design found by Yanko Design. The design by Damjan Stanković speaks for itself. There’s a timer on each light displaying how much time is remaining before it changes. While it seems like a good idea I do wonder about it’s safety. Drivers could be so focused on timing the light that they loose track of their surrounding environment. Soon as the red clears to green, the foot hits the gas not realizing that they should look ahead to make sure there’s no obstacles. I also wonder if it would cut down on accidents or increase them?

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    My first reaction was to believe that this is a great idea but, then, I wondered exactly about the same thing as you did.
    It's almost like having race lights in the streets… It would be great in a perfect world but that's not the case.

  • Tom

    Where I live we have a 30 second countdown timer at some busy pedestrian crossings. This have the unfortunate effect of when people see that they have to wait near to the full 30 seconds, they are more likely to make a run for it – sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  • jamescreare

    It'd be good to see how long you have left to wait. But as you said it'll probably end up a bad idea. Imagine a car coming up to a light where the green countdown is nearing the end, the person will probably speed up to make it through.

    I'm sure it'd cause more accidents than it would stop them!