Possibly My Favourite Site of the Week: The Considered Ensemble


This morning I received a mysterious email from the person(s) behind The Considered Ensemble letting me know about their site. While there isn’t an about section or mention of who is behind the site, it looks like it’s going to be an instant fav of mine. The concept is pretty simple, explain in your own words what you’re wearing. It’s user generated content working quite nicely. While most fashion sites out there are all images sans words, this is the exact opposite which makes it much more interesting. Everyone has a story that’s worth reading. It’s also genius that they curator can decide what to publish and what not to—everyone has to email their submission.

At first glance the design of the site looks fairly straight forward, possibly even simple. But just like the content there’s more than what just meets the eye. The type is set in a firm confident manner that suggests that they know what they’re doing and the taxonomy classification is pretty sophisticated too; you can filter through brand or colour. Like most things that get me excited, I’m curious to see how this site grows and evolves over time. Though hopefully it won’t change too much…

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