A @Daylife Update: SmartSections and SmartTopics Launch

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It’s been a while since I mentioned what was going on at Daylife where I work. Continuing with the editorial ability to manage and publish photos with SmartGalleries, we have now released SmartSections and SmartTopics to round out our SmartMedia tool set for publisher. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that publishers are being asked to do a lot more with fewer resources. The benefit of the b2b services that we’ve created is that a small publishing team can offer a lot of curated content very quickly and within budget.

To give an example of SmartSections in action we designed Travel Life and Hoop Life. The editorially curated sites show off the potential of published travel information out there while the basketball site allows for all the team and player info that a sports publisher could ask for including headlines, photos, tweets and stats. The reason why a publisher would be interested in this type of addition to their site is that they need to add more content that they can’t provide themselves. By using Daylife an editor can create a ton of additional content that they’ve curated themselves.

It should be noted as always with these type of posts about Daylife projects, there was a tight group of people involved with this successful version one launch. I’ve got some further thoughts on how publisher’s can tame the fire hose of data out there, but as a start the above examples show what’s possible.

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