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Introducing Link Drop Today

In May of 2008 I posted Stuff to check out from the last week. It was a simple list of links that I thought were worth sharing. Up until that point I was trying to limit the amount of stuff I was posting about that wasn’t original content that I had made. By putting a bunch of links together I thought I could keep my stream of content cleaner. As the weeks went by the title evolved just as much as with my experiments moving the elements around. I figure if you can’t try new stuff out on a blog, where can you? First it was just headlines with an excerpt, than I brought in images from the post, than the post itself, there were different sizes and placement of the images. I also decided to change up the excerpt and posting my own commentary. I tried being fluid with one post version that was a long paragraph with links though that ended up not going too well. Other iterations had the headlines below the image, than went above. The titles for the post evolved too, though one consistent element that has remained is mentioning the date. Other titles started off as Info That Caught my Attention, evolved to Link Drop, that changed to Link Drop Contexted for about a month but I didn’t like how that sounded and so I went back to Link Drop.

I’ve experimented and iterated a lot with Link Drop. Recently as things have become crazy busy for me, Link Drop has been happening less frequently. Typically once every other week, though I’m still in a constantly finding good stuff. My process has been noted on Slate for instance. Up until I started noting that I can’t continue with Link Drop as it currently stands, did I think it was time to spin it off as it’s own site. Basically I’ve used DesignNotes as an incubator for Link Drop. Now it’s time grow Link Drop as it’s own thing separated from the history of the blog it started from. In some respects the process that I’m working within is not that different from a start up mentality. I’m also very much a fan of an agile process when appropriate—two things I’ve learned working at Daylife. At this point I have a 18 month plan for where I’d like to get Link Drop Today to. For the next couple of weeks most of the content will be flowing from Twitter at and once things are ready at

If you’ve been following my Link Drops for any period of time on this blog, and have suggestions on how you’d like to see it evolve, please feel free to comment or email me privately. I’m open to hearing constructive feedback!

Link Drop Today is live at and read more about the launch at Link Drop Release Notes

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