Unexpected Narratives and Creating the Right Conditions

pretty good album, do a google search for it #walkingtoworktoday

Since starting #walkingtoworktoday I’ve seen some interesting stuff, most notably people that are actually walking to work and shooting what they see. Yesterday was different though. It’s another example of starting something and knowing exactly where things will end up.

 pretty good album, do a go ..._1260937130940

I’ve been a fan of the mix album of JayZ and Radiohead called Jaydiohead for a while now. As I was walking through West Broadway in SoHo I came across a sticker and thought that would be the perfect image for my contribution to #walkingtoworktoday for that day. I shot the image and tweeted it above.

 @michaelSurtees dont forge ..._1260937238965

The next thing I know, someone that I follows me and vice versa tweeted to let me know that there was a second album—which until that moment I didn’t know.

 @francisthe3rd @michaelSur ..._1260937300536

And finally the person that put together both of those albums let me know through twitter that there’s a Beastie Boys version too.

This whole scene is what I consider creating conditions for unexpectedness to happen, and in turn create a narrative that would have been impossible to predict ahead of time. Just like how I’ve blabbed about agile design in the past, I sort of think sometimes it’s best to keep the design open enough for things to happen that are impossible to predict. Just as my story above shows, it only takes one image to be passed along certain communication channels before all sorts of interesting things happen. In this case it was finding music I otherwise would never had found. I think there’s more to explore with this…

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  • http://www.jaydiohead.com/ Max

    Hey Michael,

    I've found that through doing the Jaydiohead project and putting up stickers, similar things have happened to me – and finding people talking about it via twitter and posting pictures of stickers etc, leads me to create a dialog with others, share interests, etc.

    I think its especially potent in a city like NY where you have a lot of interesting, curious, and creative people walking around – all with ideas to share.

  • http://www.jaydiohead.com/ Max

    also, your site looks really interesting, i cant wait to poke around and check it out

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Very true, another smart thing about your project(s) is that you've taken two recognizable names and twisted it just enough that it's unique that you can do a scan quite quickly on the interwebs to see who's saying what.