A Couple Examples of Hand Type I Recently Came Across

nice hand type called jim joe


No Parking

No Parking Ever

I think it’s hard not to appreciate hand drawn type as a throwback before digital output wasn’t involved. Now that almost everything is put out by mechanization of some sort, hand type contrasts even more because of it’s unique imperfections. Between the materials—typically applied with paint on to metal or wood, the signs don’t feel as cold as a shopping sign which is no small feat when a lot of the signs I come across are for no parking. Of course all hand made signs aren’t old—the one that I found for Jim Joe was just a marker on a truck that I’m guessing was pretty recent. With pressure placed on certain parts of the letter the letters were extended in a sophisticate way that no computer program by itself could manage.

As more and more people create their own business’ and start making signs to communicate what they’re selling one would almost think people would turn back to homemade signs. The irony of course is that in the rush to be reputable, logos are being made in ppt or photoshop or bought for $99 bucks at a stock outlet site which reeks of someone that did it themselves. Contrast that to the character on my brick example. Who would you want to spend time with?

and for extra credit website clicking, check out http://jim-joe.com/

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  • paulopereira

    it's always nice to see handwritten type.