Hype Machine and Usable Exhaust


Your weekly activity from Hype Machine

Around this time of year Hype Machine (a music blog aggregator) really starts to shine as a go to site for listening to “best of” type of music for the year. They select a number of music blogs that are in their system and create a Top 50 Albums, 50 Artists and Songs of the year. A really nice touch within the songs section is that each image corresponding has been illustrated. Within the album section you can actually listen to each album in it’s entirety—though you can’t download it.

Another feature of Hype Machine that I’ve been meaning to talk about for quite some time is their email info that they send to me periodically. It’s probably one of the most useful emails for a web service that I get. It’s a great example of them using the data that I’ve created doing stuff on the site and in turn creating usable exhaust for the people that follow me, whom I follow and everyone else in the system. The reason why I go to Hype Machine is that I will find more new music and artists there than anywhere else. It’s a perfect place for exploration, and the info provided about the top blogs that I listened to for a period of time, most active blogs and the most listened artists of my friends is great information to email me. Each item is a link that I can explore further, not in an intrusive way but in a valuable way.

The only caveat to this post is that because their top music sections are so popular this time of year, it might take a long to load anything as I’ve noticed this morning…

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