The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga #ideas

The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga

There’s a lot of buzz these days about startups. It’s a perfect opportunity to create a business around an idea that takes advantage of the economic climate we’re in. Plus who doesn’t like a story of a small group creating something the big guys couldn’t possibly pull off. What sometimes get’s lost in the jargon of the word startup is that it’s purely a tech thing. What if you’re an enterprising designer, maybe an entrepreneur? Surely some of the startup advice out there is relevant too—so with that idea here’s a couple ideas from a perhaps surprising concept—Lady Gaga.

In 5 things That Startups can Learn from Lady Gaga by Charlie O’Donnell in Business Insider breaks the core concepts as:

1. Be remarkable: I think too often people add “share on Twitter” buttons to their apps without first adding something that people would actually want to share. What is it about your service that will make people stop and notice?

2. Repeat the message as often as possible: Figuring out what your simple message is and repeating it across your site, your marketing copy, PR, and in business development meetings is a way to build brand awareness and clarity.

3. Be relentless: You might be the new new thing now, but what’s going to be your next hit? A big business development deal? A killer new feature? Rarely are startups ever made on their launch, and neither are lasting music careers. You can’t ever rest on your laurels in either game. Always be raising the bar.

4. Create something bigger than just the individual: The earlier the founders of a company act like they’ve created something bigger than themselves, the sooner they actually get there.

5. Respect success: See what’s working for other companies way more successful than you are and adopt well executed strategies used by others… If you can’t recognize greatness, and build off of it, then you’re going to be unlikely to be great on your own.

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