A Couple Notes on Michael Beirut at Creative Mornings

the best clients love design, or don't give a damn about it. Michael Beirut at creativemorning

It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that Michael Beirut’s talk at Creative Mornings was going to be so well received. While it’s hard to guess if each of Michael’s slides talking about clients was less than 140 characters on purpose or not, a quick scan through the interwebs shows what audience members on Twitter appreciated and a full break down from Soulellis Studio. Here’s a couple quick notes of my own that I took while he spoke.

A couple traits that great clients have are “Brains, Passion, Trust and Courage” and in return what designer’s owe good clients are “Loyalty, Honesty, Dedication and Tenacity”. There great things to file in the back a your mind as a mental checklist. If some of those things aren’t going to happen—just be prepared for the type of okay results that might happen. At this point most people probably know Michael’s work really well, but I thought how he tied it in the end through the context of his ten best clients was smart. The visuals really tied everything up about what he was talking about. I could be wrong but I also think a majority of the people he listed off were women. You could really tell through his body language that he was enjoying the early morning talk. After he finished and the applause started I saw him give a slight kick of the leg, sort of like when Emeril goes Bam! but in a more subtly sophisticated way.

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lowerwestsidenyc Jonathan

    The link for “Emeril goes Bam!” got a laugh out of me. So thanks for that as well as your always insightful take on all things designable. -JC