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This week Link Drop came back albeit in a different format as its own site. While I’ll be posting daily on the site I considered some of the feedback from a couple people. One of the benefits of the old format that was posted together is that there was weekly context and just one post. So I’m going to test out aggregating the aggregate of my Link Drop Today’s on Fridays over here. Below is a quick and dirty copy + paste version that I’ll be redesigning in the upcoming weeks, but for now this is a start.

As for what was going on this week it was a combination of ideas from all over the interwebs. There wasn’t one consistent theme though tech, music and design played a part which explains the topic graph above. I think I was just getting warmed up trying out a couple ideas for posting which spread things in all directions. This week was a bit of a sample of things to come—stay tuned…

The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga

There’s a lot of buzz these days about startups. It’s a perfect opportunity to create a business around an idea that takes advantage of the economic climate we’re in. Plus who doesn’t like a story of a small group creating something the big guys couldn’t possibly pull off. What sometimes get’s lost in the jargon of the word startup is that it’s purely a tech thing. What if you’re an enterprising designer, maybe an entrepreneur? Surely some of the startup advice out there is relevant too—so with that idea here’s a couple ideas from a perhaps surprising concept—Lady Gaga.

How the NYT should construct its paywall

There’s some interesting ideas behind a metered system discussed in the Reuters Post from Felix Salmon titled How the NYT should construct its paywall In theory the news consumed could be billed to an iTunes account. A more interesting question to be asked is if someone passes on a link, do they get some sort of credit rebate?

Haiti: The Role of Social Networks and Open Data in Crisis Response

This post titled Haiti: The Role of Social Networks and Open Data in Crisis Response from The Foush ties a lot of the rapid response concepts together nicely.While it’s too soon to know, it will be interesting to see how accountability and progress are tied together as the months and years go by as things are rebuilt.

The zen humidifier

Who doesn’t like designed objects that stop using a resource like electricity and uses natural processes to create an experience, plus the aesthetics elevate it to art. Collision Detection ran a quick Google translation on the designer’s site and found out that “Like a yacht sail (mast) the wind, the natural moisture to dry air liberality, also allows them to subtle and refreshing fragrance of cypress. Its appearance, we thought a yacht floating in the cool water and soft drinks will also give a visual sense.”

Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Looking for some uptempo chill music to work to? Four Tet – There Is Love In You currently being streamed from nutriot might be what you’re looking for.

Eat, Drink and Write at the Same Time

Dinner with a side of design being held in Vancouver during Icograda Design Week in Vancouver 2010 sounds like a lot of fun. Testing out the idea for such an event, Kara Pecknold who is leading the event describes in this post about what it’s like to Eat, drink and write at the same time.

Sitting There Waiting for the Economy to Get Better

While the post Weeknotes from Archizoo as a sum is about what’s going on with them, there’s a great point to note. They write that “Even great brands are losing ground. Some assume that it is the financial market holding them back, when it may be other, internal conditions that affect their perceptions and confidence, and therefore slow momentum and affect their position”. While some will stay entrenched in models that may have worked in the past, it’s those that are constantly evaluating where things will be that will be able to evolve in a successful way.

Love Machine

Thomas Fuchs illustrates a heart a day, on December 11, 2009 he created Love Machine. If this concept seems familiar it’s because I posted about it at Design Notes a couple months ago… Thought it might look good over here at Link Drop Today.

Charting the Beatles

Michael Rylander points us to a great visualization Charting the Beatles. Designed by Michael Deal. For the Song of Keys diagram above he explains “The differences between each pictograph reflect the different relationships between songs within each album. For example, the pictograph for Abbey Road hints at the tonal architecture of the Abbey Road Medley, as the pictograph’s shape has a more narrow pull towards A-major/minor and the home key of C-major”.

The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures

There’s way more to think about when posting a profile pic as OKTrends points out in their post about the 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures. After reading about this I don’t think I’ll look at anyone’s pic the same way again…

From Penn Station to New York Landmarks: Measuring Walking Distance and Time in Manhattan

If you’re a fan of walking like we are over here, Walking Off the Big Apple is a site to check out. In their latest post they document how long it would take to walk to some of the more popular landmarks in Manhattan with a starting point of Penn Station. We’ve embedded the map that they created, all you need to do is click on one of the bars to see how long their specific route would take.

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  • mattcoyne

    For me, it was all about the weekly context and what you brought to the table that differentiated it from any other blog that pushed out links they liked.

    The collection of sources, the personal description and the weekly wrap up with your whiteboard mapping made the Link Drop very much worthwhile and I looked forward to it each week.

    While I understand the reason to make it a site in it's own right, I am less enamoured with the same content in that context.

    It's a dilemma I'd not like to have, but I for one am glad you are testing out aggregating a weeks content back here.



  • michaelsurtees

    That's really helpful feedback Matt. To be honest I wasn't sure what people were and weren't interested. I was hoping that my new method was going to save some time but it looks like I'm going be even busier cross posting things on Friday's.