L Train Brooklyn Bound Violin

L Train Brooklyn Bound Violin

L Train Music

I don’t take the subway that often. I try to walk most of the time from location A to B in NYC for any number of reasons. There’s tons to look at, it’s a great way to get a feeling for what’s going on and there’s just so much to take note of. The only time I typically take the train is if I’m late for something or visiting friends in Brooklyn. Sunday afternoon was one of those instances when I was headed to Brooklyn to meet up for conversation with a friend. While waiting for L train in Union Square I and a couple others were treated to the perfect Sunday afternoon waiting for the train while it was drizzling outside violin music. It was so good I recorded a couple minutes of it on my iPhone. I’ve never recorded a musician like that before, but I was surprised at how decent it came out. The surrounding sounds of other trains, people walking by and announcements improved the sound experience. While I love all the visual stimulation outside while walking, sometimes a concert of one is all a person needs to get inspired.

L Train Brooklyn Bound Violin MP3 (01.24.10): 3.02

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  • cacomixl

    Nice post. There are some amazing buskers in the MTA. A guy at Atlantic who played “Brazil” on the vibraphone, one of my favorite songs. A guy on steel drums at Hanson Place even made “Hotel California” sound good.

    I agree the ambient noise adds to the experience, musique concrete amidst all the concrete…

  • http://tokyohanna.com Johanna

    Pretty, I listened to the whole thing! Have you heard of the Joshua Bell Washington Post experiment? Check it out, reminded me…

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Thanks! The article sort of sounds familiar but I'm going to read it again right after I post this reply : )