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Link Drop from 01.23.10 to 01.29.10 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop from 01.23.10 to 01.29.10

link drop 012310 to 012910

Listening to a couple helpful comments about what they liked from Link Drop in the past I’ve made some changes. For the time being I’ll be posting each link to http://linkdroptoday.com/ and collecting all the posts on Friday here. I’ve decided to bring back my mind mapping of topics that I came across while collecting sites and posts for the past week. Connecting those dots helps make connections to patterns I might not have seen with out stepping back.

Looking back now there were two distinct periods, the time before the iPad hype and afterwards. A lot of the early week finds were somewhat related to senses whether it be food or wine and technology of devices that only allow for one type of content. While its been fun to speculate whether the iPad will change things or not, it’s really hard to take much of it seriously until they’re distributed in the wild. So while I did mention it quite predimonantly this week, I probably won’t be talking too much about the iPad until one is in my hands (or so that’s my assumption).

A Season in Deleted iPhone Photos

Considering how much time our mobile devices are with us, it’s not much of a surprise that over time the photos taken with it show a visual timeline of experiences. The above film taken by Christine Whuang shows each image from last summer disappearing as they’re deleted. She described it as “a weird catharsis in watching all these photos fly by and disappear into nothing.”

Process for the World’s ‘most expensive’ ham leg on sale in London

If you’re a vegetarian you might want to skip this post, but if you’re a food lover you might find the process for the World’s ‘most expensive’ ham leg on sale in London interesting. 50 pigs were feed “on a diet of acorns and roots to give the ham a distinctive flavour and and cured for three years”. Apparently the experience has a “melt-in-the-mouth texture”…

Navigating Your Wine

Candy Chang’s above photos shows a great implementation of paring food and wine together. The icons are informative, distinctive and have a sense of humour. As Candy noted in her post that the duck icon has holes in it, probably because it’s a game bird.

Streaming Beach House’s New Album

NPR’s First Listen is streaming the new Beach House’s album until its upcoming release on January 26th. It’s def. worth a listen, and a contender to be on my list of top music for 2010. Will that hold out for the whole year, it’s hard to say…

Trade School in NYC

Trade School might be on to something really smart. For thirty days people can take a class, the only fee is a student exchange of basic items and services for the person teaching the class. I expect that this type of model of trade to spread quite quickly.

Souvenir of Breath, Heartbeat and Goodnight

While I’m not entirely sure what the translation of Alice Wang’s post about Souvenir’s is about, I was drawn into the three images she displayed. There’s a great monotone value to them. Thinking about what next to say about the images as I was looking at them, the file names of the jpgs gave some clues as to what they might be about. The bottle was titled Breath, the second image Heartbeat and the lamp is Goodnight.

Persuasive Signup

Mike Laurie of Made by Many has a recorded a good description of a Persuasive signup experience he went through using Facebook Connect and other dialogue boxes. Posts like this are helpful as sites and business become more comfortable exploring social features of connecting people to their services.

The Art & Science of Evidence-Based Design

David Gillis in his post The Art & Science of Evidence-Based Design talks about how Teehan+Lax comes to design decisions. There’s a number of good definitions to check out about how they go back and forth to determine refinement and ultimately the design.

Bombardment at Plunder Corp

There’s an assortment of these image over at Plunder Corp.

The Right Printhead

BLDGBLOG’s post on the Right Printhead piqued my interest. It’s about Icon’s latest issue on fiction being used to explore architectural ideas. Thinking about that me considering the broader idea of design fiction. While those idea weren’t covered in Icon maybe someone else should. In any case there’s a good break down of the actual stories written in Icon by China Miéville, Bruce Sterling, and Cory Doctorow to Ned Beauman, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & Oron Catts, and Will Self among others. It’s been a while since I was compelled to actually buy a magazine, this might be one of those times…

I’ve got to say this. The UK web design scene is often just self serving, indulgent bullshit perptuated by friend…

While Brendan Dawes does bring up an obvious point of the online world, it’s not just in the UK. The sometimes unwarranted work that is described as “rocking” or “awesome” happens everywhere and before the web it was happening in most of the western print world. Most people can see for what it is, especially on blog posts now—so at this point I’m not really sure if there was ever an honest time when it came to promoting work. People need to filter for themselves because people can’t really trust what they read nor should they.

13 video player UIs in 24 hours

37signals has a collection of UI video players. Good to keep for reference…

Platform + Apps = News Consumption

There’s a lot of quotable ideas in the HuffPost article In the App Economy, Newspapers are Apps by Maya Baratz. “In Media, If You’re Not a Platform, You’re an App” is a core concept that people might miss because people aren’t apps, but the way one person passes along info is unique to how someone else shares info. Another mental shift is that everyone wants to be the Platform when it’s probably better to be considered an app. Rarely do enterprise goals work out…

Getting Past Viral: Stop Spreading Viruses & Start Giving Gifts

Big Spaceship’s post about Getting Past Viral breaks down a couple reasons people send info out. For me if I find the information valuable I’m pretty sure someone else “out there” will likely benefit from reading it too. Big Spaceship mentions a couple reasons that I hadn’t really considered but can’t fault: Contributing (1-to-Many), Broadcasting (1-to-World), Gifting (1-to-1/Few).

The ability to take away our books is a current reality, not a future prospect.

A post like this is great to read before the actual canvas thing is released tomorrow. It reminded me of how surprised I was that apple tv locked my ability to surf the net from my tv. In my mind they basically distributed a bricked iTunes box. Hopefully this new canvas allows for more freedom but what’s brought up by Matthew Burton in Should we let Apple decide what we read? makes you kind of wonder about a monopoly.

Airport Apps: Mobile Utility for Those Traveling Up In The Air

If you’re about to spend some living time inside an airport you might want to check out MobileBehavior’s post about Airport Apps: Mobile Utility for Those Traveling Up In The Air. There’s a lot of iPhone apps for flying that you might not have been aware of or had the time to search out.

iPad Photos from Daylife

Undecided whether I want to buy one or not, and if I do, would I go with the low fi or 3G enabled one. Until that moment arrives here’s some of the photos of the iPad from Daylife.

Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning

A blog post about designing the perfect sketchbook titled Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning.

If it could cover these points the designer might be able to make it:

1. A sketchbook that highlights the work and not itself
2. Well constructed and affordable
3. No spines getting in the way of cross page sketching
4. Just the right size but with enough space or room to play with
5. “Boundary-less” pages
6. Flexible enough to do what you will
7. Decent quality paper that takes all non-wet mediums like ink, pencil or markers.
8. Appeals to everyone, not just designers

It’s a Lonely World Out There

Ever the realist, he built his table for one.

This and other gems of reacting to Dwell photos can be found at http://unhappyhipsters.tumblr.com

How to Frame the Internet II: Entertainment and Culture Post iPad

Interesting post from Tomorrow Museum about how the no multitasking aspect of the iPad could be seen as a benefit as opposed to what a lot of other people are saying.

Canada Finally Gets Something Apple Related Before Everyone Else

When it comes to Apple products (or hulu, or any internet media…) Canada usually gets the short end of the deal. For whatever reason they’re always the last to get new products which is insane considering the proximity to the US. In any case this Incase Maple Leaf Slider that Popwuping mentioned is pretty sweet. Next time I’m in Toronto I’m going to pick one up.

Maggie Nesciur: The Walker

This photo series has been going on for a long time but I only came across it today when it was passed along by a friend. There’s very few weeks that go by that I won’t have a walking related post of some sort. Everything that Maggie Nesciur describes on her walking experience was relatable—even if you don’t walk it’s def. worth hearing and watching. It will at the least make you more aware of your surroundings.

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