Link Drop Today Release Notes v1.3

Link Drop Today Release Notes v1.3

I’ve updated a couple minor visual elements and taken note of how my process for finding, filtering and curating information from websites and posts has evolved with Link Drop Today.

Visual Changes
The bright blue of the header and section moduals has be toned down to a deeper blue. There’s been feedback that the contrast between the headlines of the post and images doesn’t stand out enough. Each day for the next six days will have a different style of headline between size, color and font. After the next week it should become apparent which style works the best. Images have both been used from screen captures of the entire site and just images, along with aggregating text from the post or just using the image. Because there is commentary from me for each post it doesn’t make a lot of sense to aggregate the text from the post at this moment.

The has been the first time I’ve used video as a consistent element for any of my blogs. It’s been a pleasant surprise to search out videos to post to the top right of Link Drop Today. I wish there was a way to auto load the previous videos to its own page. I’m also going to explore Boxee to see if there’s a way to manage videos from their site and this site. I’ll also be posting all the videos together in a post for Design Notes.

Schizophrenic Tweets
Each post has a tweet going out, other tweets are things that fit into the idea of Link Drop Today but might not become a post due to time constraints. Those tweets also act as a test to see what is gaining traction in the day and in turn deserve a post.

Future Releases
Currently the grid is 12 columns though I might extend it to 16 columns. The main posts would get wider and a new thinner column would be added to feature other content. There’s a number of share features to added to posts along with comments too.

As always please pass along any feedback that you think will help improve the design of Link Drop Today.


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  • KeriCDN

    Hey I just clicked over and it looks fantastic! Clean, simple, easy to navigate, nice.

    And when I saw the ad for “nooka” I loled.


  • michaelsurtees

    That's great to hear Keri! Still enjoying your news vids btw… and yes, I'm starting an ad network : )

  • Clark

    I'd love to read a post about how you manage to share so much — your process and/or tools, time and etc..