Hashtag on the iPhone Keyboard

why does it take three clicks to creat a hashtag on an iPhone keyboard?

I don’t use that many hashtags with twitter with the exception of my image posts to #walkingtoworktoday from my iPhone. What’s strange to me is why the setting for the pound key is hidden behind the general number keyboard. To create a simple hashtag it takes three clicks. Considering the popularity of Twitter and hashtags I’m surprised Apple hasn’t bothered to update the keyboard. I doubt that replacing one key is going to cause too much of an issue. Why not switch it with the semicolon—when was the last time you used that key with your iPhone? And while we’re at it, why not have a character count tracking the number of letters in a subject line of an email. That way if I’m tweeting photos to flickr I know where I’m at in terms of words…

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  • http://tumblr.luclatulippe.com/ Luc Latulippe

    I thought I was alone in being irked about this. Even pre-Twitter, it seemed odd to hide it away like that.

  • http://northernsun.posterous.com/ Laura

    But I do need my semicolon for smilies – maybe not such an easy decision after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/woharris William Oliver

    Every input object within an iOS app where a keyboard or number pad would typically be used has a specific keyboard type assigned. If the developer does not select a keyboard type, the default keyboard is used. A secondary keyboard option that some use, Instagram comes to mind, has the # and @ symbol on the first screen. Typically for comment sections intended for social interaction. Keyboard Type: Twitter Constant: UIKeyboardTwitter . Description: Keyboard with easy access to the “#” and “@” characters for composing tweets. For my use, I have about 10 variations of keyboards that I use and I think about every situation so I know which keyboard to use. I too am irked when something as simple as this is overlooked by a mobile developer.