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Link Drop from 01.30.10 to 02.06.10 | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop from 01.30.10 to 02.06.10

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This week’s Link Drop is smaller than usual because of my late week travels to Dallas for a talk. With that said there were a couple distinctions between technology and the surrounding area of NYC. Leading up to flying out of NYC most of the stuff I was being drawn to had to do with visualization and data. Once I got back yesterday most of the links were somewhat related to the city—go figure.

Love Me, the Poster

Love Me the street marking that I’ve seen for year(s) is now a poster. I’ve seen the mark in all sorts of sizes and even mused a while back about a shirt. While there doesn’t seem to be a shirt yet the post is actually a smarter thing to have. The poster also comes in black and costs $60.

CNN Magic Wall Makes Twitter Breakthrough (Maybe?)

While HuffPo makes an attention worthy note about CNN and Twitter, the bigger deal that I didn’t read about in CNN Magic Wall Makes Twitter Breakthrough was how they analyzed all those tweets. CNN broke it up into a number of different sections but didn’t really go much further with the numbers of people that tweeted that feel into each category. Looking at it a bit closer there’s no real break down of how a tweet with the hash tag of #SOTU would fall into any of those categories.

365 Days of Happiness from JAGDA

I found a great iPhone app via Snow Magazine that displays design work from the JAGDA. Lots of nice work to check out. Here’s some more info from the app page (^_^)365(O_O) JAGDA × HEIDELBERG.

CO2 Emissions Visualized

A lot of diagrams these days look interesting until they’re looked at closer to reveal that they’re just an illustration. What’s compelling about the diagram posted at Junk Charts about the amount of CO2 emissions by country, both in aggregate and per capita is the relationship in scale. Some countries hold steady while others literally explode. While the minute detail is lost, the shapes make for some fascinating growth images. via Reuters: Felix Salmon

Kathryn Bigelow interviewed on Charlie Rose

This set of interviews from Charlie Rose was pretty good from last year. The people include Kelefa Sanneh, Quincy Jones, L.A. Reid, Roger Cohen and Kathryn Bigelow. While if you have an hour to spare I’d watch the whole thing, I’m pointing to the interview with Kathryn Bigelow whom directed the Hurt Locker. Starting around the 31st minute she def. brought me into the story. I don’t see a lot of films but when the Hurt Locker became available to pay and watch digitally I wanted to see it right away. Her interview stuck in my mind.

Could A Graphic Language For Touch Help Educate Mobile Users?

Mobile Behavior in their post Could A Graphic Language For Touch Help Educate Mobile Users? points to the above icon set as a means for visualize different interactions between information and physical objects or spaces. While trying to make one set of standard icons just like Bluetooth or USB symbols that are recognized, I’m not a huge fan of standardizing other interactions. Things are still evolving and while common patterns are helpful I wonder if the exercise is a bit of a never ending loop. 100% cognition for something that needs to have instructions is going to be difficult to attain.

The Extraordinaries

One Floor Up found a great iPhone app called The Extraordinaries. Essentially it’s a directory of very quick volunteer opportunities that a person can do. The app is easy to navigate with a couple options between popular activities, groups to follow, browsing, and search. Once a person finish’s a quick activity that is noted in the app. While the catalog of items isn’t that large at the moment, I suspect as more organizations find out about this app they will create micro activities that fit the format. It’s a great idea to get people involved in a non committal way. Once a person has started to get involve with a small project there’s a likely chance that they will move on to bigger things.

Scouting Red Hook II

Scouting NY has created a great post on their observations of building titled Scouting Red Hook II. There’s a ton of contradictory signs surrounding the building which leads them to wonder “what the hell is going on inside”.

My crash course in programming

Sometimes process diagrams don’t need to be that complicated as this image from Brendan Dawes shows.

Toward the Virtual City and The Crisis of Place

After reading the review of Toward the Virtual City and The Crisis of Place from Walking Off the Big Apple, I think it will be the next book I read on my goal of reading 52 book in 52 weeks. At the end of the review there’s an interesting take on tech. today in the city.

Location-based mobile applications, computer simulations, geo-tagging programs, Street View maps, and other forms of augmented reality threaten to turn the city into a computer game, replacing our traditional bonds of place with strategic plans to conquer them. Special places that once upon a time may have had some personal meaning become winning check-in points for someone else’s venture capital. Engaging with strangers in simulated reality, walking to meetups while texting or talking or consulting the glowing GPS to locate oneself, may open exciting avenues for sociability and connection, but we may lose the city in the process.

That’s something interesting to consider as I tap away on my iPhone as I walk on my way…

Hey Brooklyn Interview Podcast Site

Considering how cold it is today I’m not going to venture anywhere. If the weather near you isn’t that great either and am looking for something to listen to while doing something else, Hey Brooklyn might be a site to check out. While all the interviews are based on creative people in Brooklyn, the more interesting thing for me is that each of the people being interviewed can carry on a conversation. A couple people that I’ve listened to include a stylist, the guy behind casual cookoffs known as the takedown, and a a photgrapher

The list dilemma: to do, done, stop doing or none?

January is finished and now that we’re into February its time to get to business. While everyone in January is considering resolutions now is the time to put them into action. With that said there’s a lot of different ways to keep track of things—i.e. the List. In the post The list dilemma: to do, done, stop doing or none? Zaana Howard lists off a couple lists that might give you pause. There’s the Stop Doing List, the Mistakes List and the more traditional Done List and To Do List. Each has a couple thoughts about their effectiveness.

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