Testing Out Press Releases at Link Drop Today

From time to time I’ll get press releases that I’m not sure what to do about. They’re something that comes with the territory when a person has a blog. It’s pretty rare that I’ll do a post that’s come from one but with that said sometimes there’s some interesting information that I wouldn’t mind passing on. It just didn’t feel right to post something on Design Notes.

With that said I do have the bandwidth to test something with Link Drop Today. From time to time if I get something that fits with what I like I’ll post it at Link Drop Today with a title of Press Release. That way there’s no confusion about what is my content vs me passing along info. Because I’m not charging for this type of post I’m going to be somewhat selective with the number of press releases I’ll publish on a weekly basis along with the type of content. Types of information that I’m looking for are event notices (not just NYC), product design and misc. things that fit into the context of Link Drop Today.

Because I’m trying this for the first time, and Nooka has been a supporter since I started, I used Nooka as the first test. It also acts as a good example of how I would treat the content. Essentially I was emailed a pdf along with a couple jpgs. All I did was take the first pdf, saved it as a jpg and reduced the size to fit into the post. If you click on the image it takes you to the pdf, and there’s a link to the site at the bottom.

If you’re interested in passing me along a press release for consideration, or have any questions please email me michael [at] michaelsurtees.com

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